GMP Manufacturing

Work carried out: Heavy duty Pallet Racking
Forklift used: Flexi Forklift Truck
GMP Manufacturing were moving premises into a much larger warehouse with 2 rooms, one being a temperature controlled for a new contract they had just got. The main warehouse was being used for the bulk stock storage, GMP had brought some existing racking they had at their old warehouse with them trying to incorporate as much of it as possible, we did the initial site survey and provided the client with an AutoCAD layout on how the racking would align, highlight the current racking and any racking they would need to purchase to achieve their overall pallet count. The customer was very pleased with this and also asked us to design a new layout for their temperature-controlled area they were having built. The same duty of care was taken, we supplied good quality second hand racking to both areas. The project was a great succus and the client was very pleased to achieve his targets whilst sticking within his budget.