Work carried out: Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, Mezzanine Floor & Short span Shelving
Forklift used: Flexi Fork Truck
We were approached by Spartan forklift trucks to design and build a bulk pallet racking storage system, mezzanine floor and short span shelving for one of their existing customers. Flexitallic had a problem of the fact they could not achieve the pallet count they wanted with their current racking layout. They wanted to bring pallets they had in outside storage areas which was causing them a problem as they required all their products on one site. We worked hand in hand with the customer to come up with a new layout which would work better for them. We part exchanged their existing pallet racking and supplied them with brand new APR reconfigured to a Flexi Truck layout. The layout achieved 1200 pallets locations.

In order maximise the customer stores area, we designed and installed a fully fire rated mezzanine floor 30m x 20m which incorporated 164 bays of short span shelving on top of the floor. Also, on the floor we built the warehouse managers new office.

Both spartan and the client were extremely happy with the project and we continued to support them with yearly racking inspections reports.