Extract Technology

Work carried out: Heavy duty Pallet Racking / 2 x Mezzanine Floors.
Forklift used: Counterbalance Forklift Truck
We were approached by Extract Technology as we had done some work for the previous customer in their warehouse and were recommended. They had very little space in their overcrowded warehouse. They wanted to maximise the height of their warehouse by including 2 mezzanine floors and have a small amount of heavy-duty pallet racking to clear the floor space. We designed 2 mezzanine floors one attaching to an existing mezzanine put in by the landlord. The other Mezzanine floor was a free standing mezzanine made to with stand a compressor machine the customer was going to use on top of the floor. Both floor were fully fitted with pallet gates, hand, knee rail and a kicker plate. The floors were made up of some refurbished components and some new to give it the new look without the price of a completely new mezzanine floor.